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CB02 - 50 pcs

CB02 - 50 pcs

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Product code: CB02

Cableboss CB02 is a pre-formed metal bracket that enables the easy positioning and running of multiple cables in ceiling voids and walls. CB02 can be fixed vertically or horizontally to any substrate. The five slots provide simple and consistent cable separation, while delivering an effective containment system.

Use the pre drilled 6mm holes to fix with screws or simply nail gun it in!

When running cables just bend to open the “cable gates”, place the cable(s) into the slot and close. CB02 readily accepts standard grommets and strip to ensure your cables are protected.

Combined with our FREE mobile app to record locations, your cables will stay exactly where you left them.

5 simple steps to use cableboss:

1.     Fold and form bracket. Bend over the tabs to secure the shape

2.     If required – insert grommet (standard 32mm round) or grommet strip (not provided)

3.     Fix by screwing or nailing (fixing not provided)

4.     Bend open the “cable gates” or feed the cable through

5.     Record location with FREE mobile app

6.     Use the app to locate and recover cables for final fix 

Product Details

Dimensions when formed:
Length - 315mm
Width - 38mm
Height - 77mm
Slot hole sizes - 20mm to 40mm x 33mmSlot accepts - 32mm PVC Round grommet / 1.2mm+
grommet Strip / 20mm external diameter conduit / ducting
Material – 0.9mm Galvanised Steel

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Quick and easy cable containment

Can be fitted vertically or horizontally
Provides clear and consistent cable separation
Accepts 32mm grommets, grommet strip & 20mm conduit
Innovative “cable gates” to speed up cable install
Fix with screws or concrete nails
Two sizes – depending on ceiling void depth

Cableboss saves…

- Time: It speeds up installation time

- Money - Reduces labour and material costs Space
- Space: Frees up on-site space, as multiple components are no longer required