About Us

This all started a few years ago.

We run a building company in Bristol (UK) and realised that a lot of time was being taken up fitting electrics on our sites. You'd think that first and second fix electrics would be carried out in two visits, but that wasn't always the case. 

Typically, our electricians made three visits, popping back after plaster boarding to cut downlighter holes and to pull through their cables, hoping that they hadn't been moved. If they had, they would drill access holes, find the cable and make repairs, prior to plastering. 

This added time and cost to the build. Were three visits really necessary? Could it be completed in just two?

This is what we heard on site time and again: 

From the building team:
  • Why do we have to wait for the electrician to come to site to cut holes in the plasterboard. Surely he/she knows where the cables are?
  • What again! – you have to drill an access hole to retrieve a cable that has been moved?

From the insulation/plaster boarding team:

  • There’s nothing to tell me whether the electrician actually wants the cables to be left in between the ceiling joists!
  • How was I supposed to know those cables were meant to be 600mm off the wall and pulled through?

From the electrician:

  • Who’s pushed my cable out of the way so I can’t reach it? 
  • Sorry, looks like someone has moved my cable, so I’m going to have to drill an access hole to find it….!
  • I seem to be missing some images of the ceiling, so can’t quite remember where the smoke detector cable is! i.e. I deleted them by accident on my phone, when tidying up my holiday photos last week. 

    Surely, there was a solution to this simple problem? How do you stop cables from moving between first fix and second fix, so the electrician could miss out the interim visit, saving everyone time and money.

    As it turns out, there wasn't and everyone accepted that you made three visits.... It's just how it was!!

    So in 2020, we embarked on a what turned out to be a two year process to come up with a solution to this problem. We needed a simple way to fix and position the cables, combined with a simple way to record their locations.

    After many prototypes, and mobile app ideas, the Cableboss system has finally been launched and we are pretty proud of the solution. It's simple, cost-effective, and with the combined mobile app it just gets the job done. No more unnecessary visits and no more lost cables!

    Early response from electricians and wholesalers has been overwhelmingly positive. We think it will save time and ultimately be a fundamental game changer in how electricians install cables going forward.

    Try it for yourself!