What is Cableboss

  • Cableboss helps electricians’ position and fix cables in between ceiling and wall voids

The two-part system consists of a pre-formed and mobile app. The bracket allows electricians to fix and position cables in ceiling and wall voids.  The second part of the system is a dedicated mobile app which provide a simple way for electricians to log and record cable locations and any other notes that may be relevant to a particular job. 

What’s the purpose of Cableboss?

  • Cableboss provides a simple way to Fix, Record and Recover the cables in walls and ceilings.

Currently cables simply hang between ceilings spaces and cannot be easily fixed in exact locations, so the opportunity for cables to be moved is high. Recovering cables which are just out of reach can result in secondary access holes being cut wasting time and money for the electrician in addition the repair works required. 

Cableboss secures the cable to a specific location and the app records that information so cables can be easily retrieved at second fix, meaning that electrical installs should be carried in two visits and not three. 

Can Cableboss help me save money?

  • More often than not, first and second fix electrics is carried out in three visits:
  1. Visit 1 - Fix cables and leave them roughly positioned – crossing your fingers they don’t get moved.
  2. Visit 2 - Return to cut holes in plasterboard and pull cables through ahead of plastering.
  3. Visit 3 - Return to connect lights.

With Cableboss, the cables cannot be accidentally moved and their location is recorded thanks to the mobile app, meaning that you can complete installation in two visits, safe in the knowledge that the cable stays exactly where you left it.


Why does Cableboss flex?

  • The bracket is purposely flexible to allow for vertical movement.

If the bracket was too rigid, and didn’t flex upwards, the cable tail could get in the way of fitting the pasterboard. The bracket does not move horizontally which ensures the cable stays in its location and can be retrieved once the access hole is drilled.

Can I use the Cableboss bracket again?

No, the bracket will remain in the ceiling and/or wall space 

Cableboss App

Where can I download the mobile app?

Cableboss mobile app is available for download for free from the Apple store and/or the Google Play store for Android devices.


What type of data can be stored?

Store any text and photo information needed to help with the process of recovering cables and ultimately installing light fittings and sockets. 

What information might be saved?

Typical information would include measurements from key features in the room (beams, windows, walls) along with descriptions of number of fittings needed. Simply use Cableboss to save as much as is needed to make recovering cables more efficient.

Where is the data saved?

When you use the app, all text and photos you record are stored on your own device. If you have backup enabled, the data is also saved using Google One for Android, Samsung cloud for Android, and iCloud for iOS.

Can I share the job photos and information with colleagues?

Yes – Simply, click SHARE and you can easily share all project information (photos and text) as you might normally do with WhatsApp, email, and other communications apps.  

Can I purchase Cableboss brackets via the mobile app?

Yes – just click Shop and you will be able to purchase what you need from our website and have it posted directly to you. 

My electrical wholesaler doesn’t stock Cableboss. Can they become a stockist?

Yes if course. We are expending our distribution to make Cableboss as widely accessible as possible, so please ask your retailer to contact to email us on sales@cableboss.co.uk